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When staying at Mirante do Pirata you will have the unique opportunity to balance moments of peace, listening to the waves of the sea and contemplating one of the most beautiful beaches in Ubatuba from your room, with moments of adventure and fun.

We are located in an ecosystem of lush flora and fauna and beautiful landscapes, giving privileged access to activities that will make your experience unforgettable.

Among these experiences are the “Sete Praias Trail” surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, boat trips combining the beauty of the Atlantic with the “Serra do Mar”, hiking to beautiful local beaches in a wooded and safe environment, watching the sunrise, birdwatching , swim with the fish in the natural pool of “Praia da Fortaleza”, climb the rocks of the “Pontão” and watch the turtles that surround it from time to time.



Contemplate the sunrise every day.

You can see from the balcony of your room, or go to the beach, watch this show.

mirantedopirata trilha das 7 praias.jpg

7 Beaches Trail

The most famous trail in Ubatuba, has beautiful and deserted beaches, surrounded by the Atlantic forest and the immense sea.

Beaches close by

There are 3 beaches that you can visit within a few minutes' walk.

1 - PRAIA BRAVA DA FORTALEZA - 4 minutes walk. Access by paved street + an easy trail.

Please take a snack and drinks as there are no vendors, but remember to bring your rubbish

Shallow beach with waves.


2- PRAIA DA FORTALEZA - 8 minutes walk.

Access by the paved street, there you can find boat trips, trail of 7 beaches, pontoon, natural fish pool, banana boat, rental of kayaks,  food truck and restaurant.

Sheltered beach, shallow and without waves.

3 - PRAIA DO COSTA - 25 minutes walk

Access by the paved street + an easy trail.

Please take a snack and drinks as there are no vendors, but remember to bring your rubbish

Shallow beach without waves

Praia Brava Mirante do Pirata.jpg


Just 8 minutes walk from Mirante do Pirata, you arrive at Praia da Fortaleza, in the right corner of this beach there is a natural pool full of marine life. You can see hundreds of fish, turtles and even rays. The place is excellent for snorkeling.



The bay of the fortaleza is a beautiful place to take a boat trip. Visit deserted beaches, islands and streams.

See the beauty of the emerald green waters with fun and knowledge.



A rocky landmass sticking out into the sea.

The pontão is an incredible place to

renew your energies by coming into

contact with the vibration of nature,

there you can see turtles, and

practice boulder.



In Ubatuba there are several species of birds, and if you stay at Mirante do Pirata you have the experience of watching them straight from your room.


According to Ubatuba Birds, about 30% of Brazilian birds and 5% of all bird on the planet can be observed in the municipality's territory. It also has 10% of the bird species found in Latin America. More than 40 genera of birds are only contemplated in this region.

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